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Special Projects

We occasionally get asked to produce items that are not in our usual offering and this page illustrates some of the things we have been asked to produce. Should you have any project you think we can assist with please make contact via our contact page. Click on the image to enlarge.


Nameplate Valance:


Produced using a template produced by the customer of a full size reproduction nameplate of a Manor class locomotive that had been supplied minus it's valance. Dimensions acquired to complete were taken from 7808 Cookham Manor based at Didcot. 


Cambrian Railway Trespass Sign:


Having obtained the dimensions and using a photograph of an original sign this was produced from scratch for a customer for his railway room display. A polyurethane casting it is an exact representation of the original cast iron sign.

9629 Cabside Numberplates:


Having initially supplied two for display we were asked to produce a pair that will be attached to the actual locomotive currently being restored by a team based at the Pontypool and Blaenavon Railway. As these would need to be weatherproof and durable they were cast from patterns, produced in house, then using a composite material of polyurethane and iron cast in one piece.


"Fair Rosamund" Nameplate:


From photographs of G W R Class 517 1473, a full size nameplate was produced with lettering made from a brass polyurethane composite material and metal rivet heads positioned as the prototype.


G W R Crane No 438 Identification Plates:


Produced to replace those missing from Engineering Department crane No 438 undergoing restoration at the Tyseley Locomotive Works. Patterns were made using an original plate as a basis utilising as much as possible from it and just changing the department name and the number. Cast using a polyurethane and iron composite.


Taplow Goods Shed Crane Plates:


These plates represent those that were attached to the crane in the now long gone Taplow Goods Shed once home of the Reading Group of the G W S. The top one was cast from the original after repairs had been made to replace one end damaged upon removal. The other two were reproduced using photographs of the crane; the originals having been misplaced.


81A Shedplate & 6023:


One of our 81A shedplates was attached to 6023 King Edward I for it's visit to the Old Oak Common Open Day 2018. See our "Made to Order" section for this item.

1014 Smokebox.jpg

Smokebox Number Plate & Shedplate For New Build County of Glamorgan. 

Recently supplied a solid cast numberplate, 81E shedplate & "Caution" sign for the 1014 County of Glamorgan project based at Didcot. Check latest news at:-


BR Standard Tender Plates


These cast tender I.D. and capacity plates have been produced for the tender of Standard 2MT 78018 in service, based on the Great Central Railway.


Hawksworth Tender Water Gauge

In preparation and destined for the tenders of 1014 County of Glamorgan, under construction at Didcot Railway Centre and 7027 Thornbury Castle, undergoing restoration at the Great Central Railway.


G W R Crane No  2 Identification Plates:

Produced to replace those missing from G W R Engineering Department crane No 2 undergoing restoration at Cranmore, East Somerset Railway. Patterns were made using an original plate as a basis utilising as much as possible from it and just changing the number. Cast using a polyurethane and iron composite.


County of Glamorgan Cabside Numberplates.

Cast numberplates produced for new build County Class 1014 County of Glamorgan under construction at Didcot Railway Centre. Check progress at


Recently completed merchandise for The 6880 Betton Grange Society . The tender plates were produced from the cast plate made for the new 3500 gallon tender to be constructed for the locomotive. The project has now moved to it's new base at The Tysley Locomotive Works and progress can be viewed at

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